Are you a creative movie maker!!!

Then this is a ITerrific opportunity for you. Enter Datasur’s video contest.

Make a short video (not longer than 2 minutes) about Datasur ISP services.


To enter

1. Go to or our Facebook page

2. Click the link and Fill out the video contest registration form and submit

3. Your registration will be accepted until September 9th 2018

4. Go to our website and read the rules and scoring criteria carefully

5. The Kick-off is on September 10th 2018



On September 10th 2018, Datasur will post a video with the contest information

Develop/produce a promotional video about our ISP services. 


Video submission

Please note that the registration form must be filled out before submitting your video.

1. Before uploading, include the full name of the entrant in the video file name

2. Name on video file must correspond to name on Registration Form

3. Like Datasur on Facebook

4. Send your video to; Subject Line: #datasurispvideo

5. Video must be submitted (emailed) by September 19th 2018

6. The top 5 videos will be uploaded by us on our Facebook page using #datasurispvideo

7. People can vote until September 26th 2018 on our Facebook page by liking your video

8. We will announce the winner on September 28th 2018.

For more information

Contact:  Zuwena Tjin-Asjoe or Whitney de Rijp

Be Creative and Innovative!!!

Scoring Criteria

- Participants must be 18 years or older

- Individual registrations (no groups allowed)

- The Videos will be judged on creativity, originality, message content and overall look and feel - sound and picture quality.

- The competition ends at midnight September 19th 2018 Local time. The competition winners will be announced on September 28th 2018 during our Knowledge Edutainment night. As well as published on our Facebook page and website.

- The video must be your own work, compelling and relevant

- Sound, image quality, time limit of 2 minutes and the use of animations throughout the video are an important factor

- The top 5 finalists’ videos will be posted on Datasur’s Facebook Page. The most liked videos will receive extra points which contributes to the end result.



1st place:

- Cool new Gadget

- 500GB Free Storage for 1 year

- Datasur ISP service to your liking, free for one year

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