Dear relation,
Through this message we would like to inform you that there will be some urgent maintenance work done tonight from 18:00:00PM till 21:00PM. During this timeframe email and webhosting services will be unavailable. In the table below, you'll find more information about this MW. The MW may be resolved sooner than the given timeframe. 
If you are experiencing any issues after the given timeframe, please escalate by emailing or log a ticket via our ticketing portal.

Service Interruption Information


1.       Type of Service Interruption

Expansion of filesystem on

2.       Start Date Interruption


3.       Start time

18:00 PM

4.       End time

21:00 PM

5.       Service Impact

Email and Webhosting services will be not available for (

6.       Escalation

Please escalate by mailing and/or log a ticket via our ticketing portal if you are having issues after the maintenance timeframe


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