Dear Client,
We would like to inform you that urgent maintenance work will be conducted on 24-02-2024 from 23:00 PM to 00:00 AM regarding MyBox services. During this period, MyBox file-sharing will not be available. Please refer to the table below for more information about these maintenance activities. The maintenance work may be completed earlier than the specified time.
If you experience any issues after the specified time, please escalate them by sending an email to or by creating a ticket via our ticketing system.
Thank you for your understanding.
Service Interruption Information
1.       Type of Service Interruption
MyBox Maintenance
2.       Start Date Interruption
3.       Start time
23:00 PM
4.       End time
00:00 AM
5.       Service Impact
MyBox Filesharing service will be unavailable
6.       Purpose
Expand MyBox database Disk
7.       Escalation
Please escalate by mailing and/or log a ticket via our ticketing portal if you are having issues after the maintenance timeframe

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