Set Up Mail Client

Set Up Mail Client

Valid for versions 96 through the latest version

Version: 96

Last modified: December 1, 2022


The Set Up Mail Client interface helps you configure a mail client to access an email address. A mail client lets you access your email account from an app on your computer or mobile device instead of by visiting a URL address (for example, the Apple® Mail client). You can access this interface for an account with the Connect Devices feature in cPanel’s Email Accounts interface (cPanel » Home » Email » Email Accounts).

Requirements and Support

You must have a mail client installed on your computer or mobile device to use this feature.

Exchange ActiveSync

To use Exchange ActiveSync to set up calendars, contacts, and email on an Android device all at once, read our How to Sync Calendars, Contacts, and Email on Android™ Devices documentation.

LDAP Authentication

We do not support LDAP authentication for mail applications. You can use OpenID Connect to connect an external authentication server to your mail application if you want to use LDAP. You will need to contact your hosting provider to setup OpenID Connect if you do not have WHM access. For more information on OpenID Connect, read our OpenID Connect documentation.

Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts

cPanel offers automatic configuration scripts for common mail clients, including:

  • Windows Live Mail®
  • iOS® for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod®
  • macOS®®.

If your mail client appears in the automatic configuration scripts list, configure it by performing the following steps:

  1. Locate your mail client in the Application section of the Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts section.

    If you do not see your mail client, you must manually configure it instead.

  2. Select your mail client application’s script from the Protocols list next to your mail client. For example, to set up a Windows Live Mail® client with IMAP over SSL/TLS, click IMAP over SSL/TLS in the Windows Live Mail® row. A new window will appear with instructions.

    We strongly recommend that you use the Secure SSL/TLS setting. This setting provides increased security.

  3. Review the system’s instructions, then click Proceed to continue. The system will then attempt to download the script.

    Clicking Proceed will prompt an automatic download of the appropriate configuration script. If you have disabled automatic downloads in your browser, you must enable them to proceed.

  4. Run the automatic configuration script. You may do so in two ways:
    • If your browser prompts you to open, run, or save the script, select Run or Open to continue.
    • If your browser does not prompt you to open, run, or save the script, find the script in your computer’s Downloads folder and run it.
  5. The system may ask if you are sure you want to install the script. Select Continue or Yes to continue the installation.
  6. The system may prompt you for the email account’s password. Enter the password and click Install.

    Enter the password for the email account, not your computer.

  7. When you complete the process, your mail client will open and log in to your email account.

Mail Client Manual Settings

If your mail client does not appear in the list of clients with automatic configuration scripts, you must manually configure it. To manually set up your mail client, use the following settings:


We strongly recommend that you use the Secure SSL/TLS setting. This setting provides increased security.


For more detailed information on setting up your specific mail client, read your mail client’s documentation.

Email Instructions

You can easily send the same configuration instructions that are in the Mail Client Manual Settings section of the interface to a different email address. Enter the desired email address in the text box, then click Send.


For more information on how to troubleshoot your email account, read our cPanel Common Questions - Email documentation.

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